Welcome to myfitnessfriend.co.uk the place to find a local workout partner, involved in the same sports and of a similar level of attainment and fitness. This site aims to match people who can support and encourage each other to go beyond their targets and enjoy their fitness pursuits further through sharing successes with a friend. This site does not aim to pair people in the pursuit of dating. This simply aims to link those who need a workout buddy or those looking to find a running partner of similar ability. Many studies have shown that individuals exercising in groups perform better than many of those doing a workout by themselves. This can be due to peer support, enthusiasm, pace keeping and the fact that a dedicated mind-set is often needed when a partner is relying on you.

Partners are sought using the fundamental factors that we believe will give the best results. These are:

1. Location
2. Type of workout (running, tennis, cycling, horse riding etc.)
3. Level of attainment (e.g. an average session includes a 6 mile run at 9 minutes per mile).

Levels of attainment will differ with each discipline and are approximate values. Do not be put off by a partner being marginally better or worse than you – you help each other and create an enjoyable, social aspect to your exercise regime.

Signing up is free and always will be. We want people exercising and feeling healthy, not spending their hard earned cash.

You have nothing to lose and signing up can take less than 1 minute.

Sign up today. The sooner you join, the quicker you will find a partner.

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